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Terms and Conditions of Use of Website, Privacy Policy, Shipping and Refund/Returns Policy

Terms and conditions:


You Must Read before using this website


You agree by reading that you have fully understood and we assume no liability


You must be 18 years old or older to view and use this site, we assume no liability


We copyright all intellectual property on this website


You must be aware of the payment, shipping, and taxes, review all details and you must purchase in good faith being able to pay, we assume no liability.


We make all effort to sell, ship all products and info on this website, however, it is your own risk. You may contact us to complain, or arbitrate via or


No obligatory refunds,  exchanges, or returns. Contact the website owner for complaints and we will attempt to resolve it.


Do not violate any laws of the United States, Canada or internationally, such as fraud, theft of intellectual property laws, gather info, gamble, violence, violate libel or slander laws or incite hate


We protect your privacy, it is only for purposes of shipping of products and sending promotional emails with content, you can unsubscribe at any time, your info is also collected by and, and Shippo to ship products to you.


No reverse engineering or third party software, no hacking or other unlawful use of this website


By viewing this website, any of its pages, we assume you agree to these terms and assume no liability.


Privacy Policy:


In order to comply with CalOPPA, a Privacy Policy must include the following information: Details of exactly what types of personal data are collected through the website or app: for Sun Cross Publications this includes Paypal and plus all of their affiliated apps.Any affiliated organizations this data may be shared with, this includes Shippo and Paypal,, and Avalara (taxes). ... Details of third parties who collect personal data through the website or app. Please see each app:,, shippo and avalara for their privacy policies



Return Policy:


No returns, no refunds, all sales are final. Please contact us if there is a solution and I am sure we can find a solution!


Contact Us:

Business Name: Sun Cross Publications


1780 E University Ave

Las Cruces, New Mexico


Postal code: 88003

Phone: (575) 525-8485

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