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The Thayer Mythos is a digital download bundle of the AUDIOBOOK versions of Frank Thayer's novels in it: The Cobston Trilogy: The Ontario Horror, Terror Tales of The Southwest, The Vampire of San Vicente, and The Whispering Darkness.

Here's a description of what you get:

The Cobston Trilogy The Ontario Horror:

A series of three Lovecraft-related and interlocking tales spans the 20th Century and a horror lurking underground in a small Ontario town. Beginning with a plague just after WWI and something growing under the cemetery earth. A newspaper publisher loses his fiancé to cholera and encounters the unthinkable, and his son returns to Cobston a half century later only to find that the still lies buried there. He falls In love there but the trauma of an undead curse drives him back to the United States where he spends almost three decades before being drawn to the Cobston he cannot forget. It is in the dawn of a new century that he again finds love and horror, confronting the ultimate evil. The book is difficult to forget and includes evocative illustrations, the town map, and the complete facsimile of the 17th Century academic treatise Masticatione Mortuorum, or the dead who eat in their graves.

Terror Tales of the Southwest:

Of all the novels in this journey into supernatural horror, this volume presents the most diverse set of tales, set in New Mexico. Reminiscent of Poe’s “Ligeia,” the first story reveals the impact of erotic love and death reaching beyond the grave. Then comes the werewolf cult in the border city of El Paso, Texas, and how it influences the education of a young professor at New Mexico State University. The third story is built upon the legend surrounding a mountain used by Geronimo as a hunting camp and leaving behind a frightful and invisible presence down to the present. A fourth story is based on rumors of Spanish treasure hidden deep inside the New Mexico hills and those still guarding it. The next story chronicles the work of a bruja and her power to cure…and to kill in avenging herself and her daughter. The final entertainment is a story written in the style of 1940s science fiction about a mission to Venus and the monsters found there. This large format book contains superb color illustrations, photographs, and magical symbols.


The Vampire of San Vicente:

God, how old was this vampire? At the apex of this series of novels is the complex story set in a small New Mexico town, cursed by the presence of the vampire. This monster is not the handsome count, but is rather the real creature, spawned in Eastern Europe and transported to the Southwest, through Mexico. As education, the reader is introduced to the true documents of vampirism that must have generated Bram Stoker’s tale, but this story strips away the veneer of romanticism and lays naked the horror of the real vampire. Woven into the tale is a growing love story as a flawed protagonist seeks redemption for his transgressions as he finds himself enmeshed in a battle for the survival of the soul of his community. This is the longest of the Sun Cross Publications stories and includes color illustrations and a map of the town. One reviewer calls it “the ultimate vampire story.”


The Whispering Darkness:

There is a ghost town survival in the mountains of New Mexico, and of all the novels, this one is about that town and its people when faced by the horror of an invasion by hideous aliens from outer space. Set in 1978, with an epilogue in 2018, a battle is joined against remorseless creatures lurking inside an abandoned mine and preying upon the few remnant residents who operate a gallery and a museum. Readers are reminded of similar monstrosities in H.P. Lovecraft’s stories; however, this mountainous region of New Mexico is rife with stories of threatening UFO’s, and it could have some basis in reality. The book is filled with 1978 photos of the remarkable ghost town and its mine, while the epilogue revisits the town, with color photographs celebrating the 2018 snapshot in time. In addition, there is a map of the town as it existed in 1978. A sumptuous Sun Cross Publications book with a distinct New Mexico flavor, and…something else.



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The Thayer Mythos Audiobooks

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