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A witches brew story. A concoction with a taste of Lovecraft, Russ Meyers B-movie sexploitation films and the occult. Lesbian vampire bikers and unlawful fornication. A getaway driver with abandonment issues. Investigations into a group of deviants on the internet. Cult Of The Black Cube ritual bonfires in the woods. Parties and a non stop disco of terrors! A mysterious obelisk,strange spiritual visions and the rogueries of mystery religions. A dope deal gone wrong creates blackmail and murder culminating in the heist of the century. To rip off the treasure of a Diocese! At the centre lies the horror of modern times, weak men and the dark feminine. The intrepid interloper William Vanstone becomes injected into a rivalry as old as Father Time himself: werewolves versus vampires!


Inspired by the cosmology and mythology books on obscure subject matter, Immanuel Velikovsky's "Worlds in Collision"  ( He was a contemporay of Einstein) and Dave Talbott's "The Saturn Myth" , as well as a true story, this is sure to shake your worldview!


Fiction and Film Similar to: 

"Eyes Wide Shut" by Stanley Kubrick

"The Concrete Jungle" by Tommy Desimone

"Breakout" (1975) by Tom Gries

"Falling Down" by Joel Schumacher ,

"Plan 9 From Outer Space" by Sam Wood 

"Werewolf Women Of The SS" by Rob Zombie.

"The Italian Job"(1969) by Peter Collison

"The Wild Bunch" by Sam Pekinpah

"The Public Enemy" by William A. Wellman 

"Spun" by Jonas Åkerlund


Reviewers have been left speechless! An online forum troll commented " Its so bad, its actually good."


About the Author, William Vanstone: An amateur occultist, he believes in the oneness of opposites. God is the devil and the devil is god. “For polarity is the principle that plus and minus, north and south, light and dark are different aspects of one and the same system, and that the disappearance of either one of them would be the disappearance of the system.” ---Alan Watts

The audience is not his friend, he just loves the applause! People continually laugh at him that he is different, eccentric, weird, and probably a creep, he laughs at them because they are all the same!


This short story serves as a  HOW TO GUIDE, about how to write a Horror story. It covers The 13 Laws Of Cosmic Horror, 13 writing tips created by Sun Cross Publications, with the story as an example.


This story is uniquely a CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE, a throwback to Children's books from the 1980's and 1990's where YOU, the reader, are given choices to make, and these choices impact the ending of the story, for 4 different ending total. 


Rated R, for Mature audiences only! The new generation of Cosmic Horror is here!


Due to the sinful nature of the content, this story is FREE. If I receive much feedback and response, I am planning companion Tarot Cards, 3-D Printed Action Figures and other projects.



**This is not a pdf or physical book, it is an HTML file, meaning you will need an internet browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox to view and open. 


One reviewer says:


Sacred Heart Of The Purple Dawn is a dark ride that gets progressively darker as you travel onward. You are playing as multiple characters all them with many issues that never really seem to get resolved. Despite this being a choose your own adventure and the many options there always seems to be some dark underlying force that is truly directing your actions. 


The characters you control are either drunk or high and this state spreads off the pages as you read never allowing you to feel as if you are truly in control of your senses. Vampires, werewolves, biker gangs, excons and a host of stonners are littered among the crowds as you make your way through the story.


Every choice you make pulls you deeper into the darkness and to spite the hope of escape this trend becomes an obsessive drive to see how deep you can strive out into the void without drowning. 

Matti Silver

Sacred Heart Of The Purple Dawn: Choose Your Own Adventure Edition

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