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Frank Thayer's Outlaw CD: Fans of the original rock’n’roll that emerged on Sun Records from Nashville in the 1950s will go back to the source with Frank Thayer’s album. He recorded in that era and released a solid album in 1980 that has been digitized, presenting his own songs and covers of classic rockabilly hits, all in studio performances using traditional instrumentation of acoustic guitar rhythm, electric lead, and stand-up bass. The raw energy of rockabilly music pours out from these studio performances of Frank Thayer’s 1980 album, newly digitized and offered to the fans of classic 1950s rock’n’roll. Each cut is hard-driving, evoking the spirit of that bygone era, with Thayer’s original songs and covers of favorite classics, just the way they were done on Sun Records in Memphis all those years ago.



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Frank Thayer's Outlaw CD