Hideous invaders from the stars descend into a New Mexico ghost town in this novel of alien invasion, human frailty, and government suppression of the truth behind the arrival of extra-terrestrials in this uniquely illustrated book that documents a real ghost town as the setting for a frightening tale.


A real ghost town in the southwestern New Mexico mountains provides the setting for a novel depicting the invasion of alien creatures that descended into a mine and who threaten the lives of the hardy residents in 1978. Richly illustrated with the author’s photos of the town from the time of the story, the verisimilitude creates a reality for the reader as the characters are forced to acknowledge the unthinkable and find the means to survive in the isolated town at 10,000 feet, where connections to outside help are miles away on a perilous mountain road built with convict labor in the 19th century and where the epilogue takes the reader to 2018 for a photographic tour of the town as it now exists.


The stark terror of encountering hideous alien creatures upends the lives of the characters in The Whispering Darkness, and the ensuing battle causes their lives to deteriorate in the same manner as the mouldering buildings that have survived for a century in 1978, while the weekend photo gallery owners are slowly drawn into the vortex of a horror that blasts the senses and threatens to cut off the road that leads to salvation as they find their lives inalterably changed.

The Whispering Darkness