A world-old evil, emerges from the dark forests of Eastern Europe and travels to a Southwestern American town, victimizing generations. The vampire is more than a fictional creation of Bram Stoker and modern movie producers. Historical documents confirm its horror in the undead survivals of 18th Century Europe, and the modern residents of San Vicente must battle an obscene revenant entering their bedrooms to seek their very life force.


The true vampire is a reality, proved by the documents of history, and the novel The Vampire of San Vicente displays this research and the reality behind the fiction as it strips the romantic veneer from the old concept of the romantic vampire of tradition and places the creature in a New Mexico town with roots in Eastern Europe and the reality of the town, its people, and the hidden menace must be as close to reality as fiction can become.


A supernatural horror is stalking the town of San Vicente in the novel The Vampire of San Vicente where the main character is torn by his infidelity while he learns the truth of the classic vampire and is drawn into a maelstrom of horror as he finds himself in love while he must deal with an evil that has lurked in the town for a century, and it is he and his friends who finally meet the enemy despite their revulsion and fear; but at stake is his love for his hometown and a clouded future that is the residue of battling evil.

The Vampire of San Vicente