Of all the novels in this journey into supernatural horror, this volume presents the most diverse set of tales, set in New Mexico. Reminiscent of Poe’s “Ligeia,” the first story reveals the impact of erotic love and death reaching beyond the grave. Then comes the werewolf cult in the border city of El Paso, Texas, and how it influences the education of a young professor at New Mexico State University. The third story is built upon the legend surrounding a mountain used by Geronimo as a hunting camp and leaving behind a frightful and invisible presence down to the present. A fourth story is based on rumors of Spanish treasure hidden deep inside the New Mexico hills and those still guarding it. The next story chronicles the work of a bruja and her power to cure…and to kill in avenging herself and her daughter. The final entertainment is a story written in the style of 1940s science fiction about a mission to Venus and the monsters found there. This large format book contains superb color illustrations, photographs, and magical symbols.


Seven diverse illustrated stories in Terror Tales of the Southwest begin with love that transcends mortal existence in a New Mexico mountain town, and then another explores the tradition of ceremonial magic and lycanthropy beneath El Paso, Texas, on the Mexican border, followed by a dark tale of evil spirits lurking inside a southern New Mexico mountain dedicated to Geronimo, and then a doomed quest for buried Spanish gold in the same region; the next powerful tale explores New Mexico witchcraft and a bruja who is much more than she appears as she exacts cruel judgment on someone who violates her daughter. The final two stories are pure entertainment, using the science of the 1940s to propel rockets to Venus and the battles with creatures found there.


Seven diverse illustrated stories in Terror Tales of the Southwest begin with a vortex of irrational obsessive passion that penetrates the barrier between life and death and is followed by another story of hopeless love enmeshed in a horror cult of lycanthropy and ceremonial magic; the curse of Geronimo’s mountain becomes a frightening legacy of a place where nobody now treads, and the following story reminds the reader of the evil spirits that protect the hiding places of buried Spanish gold; the next story introduces a naïve school counselor to a voluptuous local woman who is reputed to be a bruja, and he is carried into a vortex of discovery both intellectually and emotionally he cannot help but assist her as she exacts bloody vengeance on the despoiler of her daughter; the final two tales are right out of 1940s science fiction pulp magazines with their own nostalgic romance and rocketry.



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