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The Supernatural horror genre and Lovecraftian horror genres are difficult to write. Many writers have taken a stab and come away blind. Do you wonder how YOU can improve your writing skill and be entertained along the way? Read more to find out why they aren't talking about our FREE Writers Craft Guide. Read more below until the end, for a special BONUS on top of the guide!

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Frank Thayer PH.D. has been a successful University professor for over 30 years and only recently retired. He can spin a good yarn and has much practical advice for struggling authors. How do you become a better author and get published on Amazon.com like Frank?

It STARTS by getting our FREE 36-page Writers Craft Guide! Bookstores and libraries are filled with books on grammar and style, and what you need is a handy on-line guide as your own writing project is underway. I am offering this free 36-page tutorial covering everything from word use to punctuation, syntax, and grammar review. Whatever your level of education, this is a convenient way to brushing up your text to give it the authority it deserves.

You have powerful creative ideas that are full-blown in your mind. When you put the words into your computer, however, you must remember that the reader of your themes and stories can be distracted by small errors in grammar, spelling, syntax and the like. You want the reader to be so engrossed in your narrative that such problems do not distract her or him. It will serve you well to brush up on the technical aspects of your writing. This guide is convenient and easy to follow. Do yourself a favor and make your writing as powerful as the ideas that you have generated. Here is the offer!

Inside the guide you'll find:

  • Rhetorical devices such as alliteration and how to use effectively.

  • Transition phrases to smooth connections between sentences, and make your writing logically and emotionally more connected.

  • Grammar explanation crash course: how to use all different aspects of grammar the correct way!

  • Your overall writing ability will improve drastically.

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It is a pleasure for Sun Cross Publications to make this available to you, free of charge. Your writing is the creative expression of your personality, driven by inspiration and emotion as you concentrate on the vision of your story. You must keep in mind that the form is as important as the function, and I would like for you to take advantage of this free 36-page online writer's guide to grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation, and all the other aspects of clear, effective writing. It will be handier than similar hard copy books and is indexed by topic. Take advantage of this free offer now, courtesy of Sun Cross Publications.


You will also find on our website, a like-minded community of writers, a newsletter, and other future offerings we can only provide with your valuable support! That's why they don't want us talking about this! It's such a great deal!

Some more information about Frank Thayer Ph.D. and his company Sun Cross Publications

Frank Thayer PH.D. has been a lifelong student of supernatural horror fiction, I have also read and studied many source documents, including a variety of medieval grimoires, Cotton Mather’s revelations of New England witchcraft, Aleister Crowley’s original Equinox that laid bare the rituals of the Golden Dawn, and of course the classic works on flying saucers from the early years and books on witchcraft in the Southwest United States—all of these are a firm foundation for stories that all have a foundation in the literature and in the folklore shared by the people I have met.

The word may be “verisimilitude,” but I have lived each story I have written, some of them begun years ago and hammered out on a typewriter in the middle of the night, and now a fulfillment of a lifelong dream that sometimes lays bare my understanding of the occult, and my belief that these stories seem so real in my mind that I can sense the characters and feel their hopes and fears as well as their terror as they discover that the mundane world is only a veneer under which is a wondrous realm of cosmic horror and even a triumph of the human spirit.

Sun Cross Publications was established to provide an outlet for books that advance the literature of classic supernatural horror in the tradition of Edgar Allan Poe, Sheridan Le Fanu, M.R. James, Arthur Machen, H.P. Lovecraft, and other greats, with an emphasis on settings not often treated in the fiction of the macabre and offered as a contribution to a great tradition, which though narrow, is a memorable part of all human storytelling.

The equal-armed cross of the elements within a circle is an ancient symbol, as powerful as the Christian Cross, the Swastika, the Star of David, and the Egyptian Ankh. The works of Sun Cross Publications fly in the face of mundane reality and are written as a resistance to the world of secular materialism and designed to transport the reader into a world that seems very real but which crumbles when presented with unthinkable beings and phenomena.

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Mary Kaschak, avid mystery and horror fan, Southern New Mexico

Thayer's novels strike at the very core of our deepest, perhaps most secret and personal fears: spirits, vampires, assaults by beings from other dimensions or outer space, and evil in any form − even the devil himself.

We like to believe that we are safe and secure in our solid reality but Thayer has an uncanny ability to convolute that reality, opening the door to pure terror. Is any of it real? Are we truly vulnerable?

You won't be disappointed by any of Thayer's stories. Personally, The story entitled 'The Grand Order of Marbas' in the book, Terror Tales of the Southwest, has shaken me to the core and continues to haunt me years after reading it.


D.G. "Dennis"Adams

I’ve read all of Frank Thayer’s books (at least every one I know of!) and delight in his tales of horror. He describes people and places so well that I feel as though I’m there and can actually see what is going on. It’s this reality that forms the basis of a great horror story better than any movie.


Couldn't stop reading! I first got introduced to Cobston back in 2008. A ghastly tale to the end with a genuine grimoire. I love all of Thayer's novels. He also has pretty good writing tips!

Dr. Mac's #1Pix (1).jpg

The Vampire of San Vicente is intellectually

written, researched to the nth degree, and

presents a wonderful subplot love story

written within the vampire theme. That

subplot keeps the reader wondering—until

the Epilogue is written—if the two lovers

will actually remain together and live a

happy life after what they experience.


The 29-word last graph in that Epilogue

is delicious and cleverly underwritten. It

should leave readers with a wry smile on

their faces. It did mine.


Author Frank Thayer is terrific at scene

development and that ability works so well

for his classic supernatural horror genre




Malevolent forces haunt the pages of Frank Thayer’s classic horror novels, a surprising combination of gory medieval legends, Southwestern mysteries, and alien encounters that are mostly set in the small towns and wide-open landscapes of his native New Mexico. Thayer creates lasting images of locations and characters—unsuspecting, everyday folks forced to confront dark powers in a creepy battle of good vs. evil. His use of language is impeccable; the author, a writing professor emeritus at New Mexico State University, incorporates just the right words to deliver readers into the murky domain of the supernatural, where just about anything is possible.

William Lanno-Wehrens

J. Sean McCleneghan, Ph.D.

Pamela Porter

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